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CARLCARE TECHNOLOGY CV SARL recrute HUMAN RESOURCES SUPERVISOR/MANAGER Description du poste 1.responsible for build and improve all H.R rules and work process with the development of company. _ 2.cooperate with various departments to improve work norms and improve the implementation process to support the company to achieve the expected business objectives. _ 3.resolve internal employees various problems and avoid labor employment risks, including labor contract management, employee discipline management,employee resignation management and labor dispute resolution. 4.reoganizational and inspection of employees performance , follow up evoluation of employees'labor skills ,work enthusiasm and team awaerness; 5.organization departments conduct performance interviews to provide refence informa²tion for staff deployment, promotion ,elimination,and recruitment and training. _responsible for other H.R works, include recruitment management /basic H.R work management/corporate culture H.R work management/compensation /corporate culture management. _other matters assigned by the company's leadership and other related work that may be delivered Profil du poste 1.Bachelor degree and above, good and very fluent in english spoken and written 3 or 4 or more than years experience in H.R work 2years work as manager or supervisor in large company. 2.familiar with local labor laws ,and provide with of of solutions based on the needs of the company's development and control of management costs ,with local work resources and can end demands from H.R work ,like recruit in difference area establish and maintain relations with government labor departments. 3. loyal to the company and good at communication ,be willing to work long term in large international companies and develop together with company. required age:25 to 35 years old. Gender: male NB: speak english ; write english and read english (very well). Dossiers de candidature merci d'envoyer votre cv sur ce :


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